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Amy Castro

Jussie Smollet (Empire)

  • FIFA moment of truth- hope solo soccer player- Olympic channel- 2/22 

  • Ty Pennington- at home store advertisement- 1/22 

  • Honeywell- corporate- Lawton miles- 12/21 

  • Bundle of joy- Samantha & Kyle Busch - 12/21 

  • Ten ball cocktail drink- advertising- 11/21 

  • Condors nest (film coming out in end 2022)- Lost Galleon films, mag films & film emporium- august & September 2021 

  • Tyson cookout- digital advertisement- black horse studios- 6/21 

  • kyle Busch documentary- Netflix (sample) - 5/21 

  • Fast-Growing Trees- advertising- market street studios- 4/21 

  • Tedd Budd project- advertising- the Hereford agency- 4/21 

  • cellmate secrets-season 1- lifetime tv- the light-4/21 

  • Rett newton campaign- j & Z strategies- 3/21 

  • people magazine- advertising- 2/21 

  • amazon advertising- LOBA spray mop set- workhouse creative- 2/21 

  • a&e television network- WWE most wanted treasures= 2/21 

  • The Deed- hob short film- 1/21 

  • Youtube commercial- Plastic Surgery- Nuvolum- 2/21 

  • Mobile 1 Oil- Advertising- Theory Communications & Designs 2/20 

  • Duke Energy Commercial- Film March Lewski-2/2020 

  • Military Makeover- Lifetime- 2/2020 

  • Kyle Busch- Sonic the Hedgehog Commercial- Maggie Vision Production-1/2020 

  • Friendship Animal Hospital- Apex Video production-11/19 

  • Corporate Shoot- Peter Taylor Photography- 10/19 

  • Dr. Oz Show- Medical advantage call Center- Sony- 10/19 

  • Lowe’s Safety Shoot-10/19 

  • CMT- Entertainment Tonight- 9/19 

  • Metropolitan Charlotte Advertising Shoot- Mutter Images- 9/19 

  • Corporate Shoot- Sean Busher Imagery- 9/10 

  • NASCAR photo Shoot- I & Eye Production- 8/19 

  • Rack Room Shoes Advertising Shoot- Rack rooms Shoes-4/19 

  • Commercial- AXA- 4/19 John Goodman; Christ Farley Documentary a&e- Network pictures eighteen inc.- 3/19 

  • grail wars episode 1& 2 youtube- complex productions- 2/19 

  • Jannessan pharmaceutical video the video Stewarts- 2/19 

  • Kyle & Samantha Busch- rowdy’s giving away a Camry- 

  • Omaze Production -2/19 

  • Military Home Makeover- BrandStar- NC 12/18 

  • AXA corporate- Ventana productions- NC 11/18 

  • forks over knives magazine- Meredith corporation- NC 10/18 

  • CMT- racing wives (pilot and season 1)- NC 6/18-10/18 

  • The CW- Reality Documentary- Make everyday remarkable- NC 6/18 

  • Prints- Christian Taylor (Country Singer)- NC 5/18 

  • Fox Sports- 18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin- NC 4/18 

  • Corporate- BSN Medical Inc, Special Effects Makeup- NC 4/18 

  • Fox- News - Fox and Friends- NC 3/18 

  • Corporate- I & Eye Productions- NC 3/18 

  • BBC Expectation Entertainment- Florida 11/17 30 day recording (Dale Winton) 

  • Snow Companies- Interview (Charlotte, NC) 

  • CBS Sport- NFL Thursday Night Football 10/12/17(Craig Olsen)-NC 

  • Fizzy City Films- Commercial Shoot (Floor & Decor; Concord NC) 

  • MandTv- Commercial Shoot (Joey Logano)-NC 

  • Shoot First Media- Snap-On BCA Promo-(NASCAR drivers; Cruz Pedregon: Ryan Blaney: Will Power: Joey Logano: Brad Keselowski)-NC 

  • Nomadic Communications- Live News (Sargent Johnny Joey Jones)-NC 

  • Harper Collins- (Christian book release Interview)-NC 

  • Beverly Boy Productions (Lifetime TV)-NC 

  • North Valley Media- Knee Deep Blue Grass-NC 

  • Westlight Studios- Music Video (Don't look good in your T-shirt anymore-Christina Taylor) -Nashville, Tennessee 

  • Fox News (HANNITY)- Press Congress Fox (Mike Pence)-NC 

  • Digital Comm Link- Live News (Katrina Pierson)-NC 

  • Digital Comm Link - Live News (Tim Moore)-NC 

  • Saturn Louge, INC- Briggs, and Stratton-NC 

  • CBS Studio 610- Forza-NC 

  • Blue Chip Marketing WorldWide- Bring Home The Gold Lowes (Tyler Clary)-NC 

  • Common Machine- Interview (Cullen Jones Olympian)-NC 

  • Horizon Investments- Corporate pictures and Business Video-NC 

  • GreenGlow Films- CaroMont Health Commercial -NC 

  • TRG Reality- High Point Hospital Commercial -NC 

  • Fox 46 Carolina- (Editorial Photo Fox Crew)-NC 

  • Zenfilm (Group Lash Medical)-NC 

  • CNBC- Live (Kayla Tausche news Cast)-NC 

  • Production- ESPN/ USAA (Interview with Ron Rivera)-NC 

  • Black Box Studios- Krispy Kreme-NC 

  • TCG Events- Carolinas HealthCare Foundation (Lexi Walker) -NC 

  • South Park Magazine: Perfect Pairing-NC 

  • Cool Fire Studios: Fox Sport: In Depth with Graham Bensinger (Cam Newton)-NC 

  • JLG Communications- (UPS Run of Show- Jay Bilas)-NC 

  • Fox Production (Jussie Smollet from Empire)-NC 

  • Intellivision, Inc (Campbell McAuley Celebrity Styler)-NC 

  • JLG Communications- Fedex (Run of Show- Jay Bilas)-NC 

  • Story Farm Production (NASCAR Emu Commercial; Johnny Bench and Richard Petty)-NC 

  • FOX TV (Makeup for cast)-NC 

  • FOX TV (Makeup lessons, News Anchors, 5 days)-NC 

  • ZoCo Productions (Dr. OZ Event in Mooresville, NC, All day event) Hair & Makeup- NC 

  • NBC (Interview with Matt Lauer -Ebola Patient) Hair & Makeup 

  • The Video Steward (BeaconMedaes medical gas equipment Episodes) Hair & SFX Makeup -NC 

  • Rick's Restoration - Las Vegas, NV (History Channel, NASCAR- Kelly Dale) Hair & Makeup- NC  

  • FortyOne Twenty Films - San Diego, CA (Pinehurst Golf Commercial) Hair $ Makeup-NC 

  • JLG Communications- Atlanta, GA (Run of Show- Jay Bilas) 

  • Evoke Creative Group- Charlotte, NC (Jleer Trade Show Promotion) Hair & Makeup-NC 

  • Zenfilms- Houston, TX (Interview with Tracey Foster-The Real Deal) Hair & Makeup-NC 

  • Carolina Kids Show Charlotte, NC(News Cast) Hair & Makeup- NC 

  • Cover Girl (Pink's Concert) Manicurist-NC 

  • NBC (Interview with CNN Anchor Soledad O'Brien) Hair and Makeup-NC 

  • NBC (Interview with CNN Anchor Campbell Brown) Hair & Makeup-NC 

  • NBC (Interview with Kennedy Brothers) Hair & Makeup- NC 

  • Keune (Hair Show) Makeup-NC 

  • Indian Runway show (2012 & 2013) 

  • D Stipped Magazine (Model) Hair & Makeup- NC

  • I have been in the industry since 2004.

Matt Lauer (Date Line)

Dr Oz

Patrick Kennedy 

Savannah Guthrie (NBC)

Campell Brown(CNN)

Johnny Bench (Famouse Baseball)

Richard Petty (Famouse NASCAR Driver)

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