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Bella Mua EyeLash Extensions

Eyelash extentions are the highest trend in the beauty industrial today. They have been inhanced, but!.... NO ONE WILL KNOW.

Bella Mua makes them look so natural, people will think you are born with such a natrual God given beauty,

Dont hire a friend. You get what you pay for. 

Hire Bella Mua

Q: Will this damage my lashes?
A: It can weaken lashes a bit. Your lashes cycle through every 2 months so there is no long term damage. If your eyelashes were continuing to get more damaged people would have no lashes left to apply thus would have to stop and we have had clients who haven't stoped since in use of them. 

Q: Can you do my lashes really thick?
A: You can only put lashes on the lashes you have. If you have very fine thin lashes you will never achieve the thickness of someone with strong thick lashes. But it will make lashes much thicker and longer than your real lashes. We do also have the option of volume lashes see question below reading: Difference between volume and classic. 

Q. Do the lashes get glued to my skin?
A. No, the lashes are applied one by one directly onto your own real lashes. The glue is not applied to the skin. 


Q. Can you be allergic to the Glue?
A. Yes, there have been few cases of allergies to the lash adhesive. It is normally not the first few times you do your lashes but more of a developed allergy over time. Your eyelids can become red and irritated for 2 or 3 days after your touch up. If you find that you are having a reaction we can drop down to a less strong glue (this glue does not have the same longevity as the strongest glue so you have to come in for touch ups more often in most cases).  If your reaction continues we recommend having lashes removed.


Q. Can you get the lashes wet?
A. Yes, after 48 hours (that also holds true for touch ups) you can get them wet. Keep in mind the more the lashes are in water the sooner you may need to come in for a touch up.


Q. Can you wear eyeliner with the lashes?
A. Yes, you can wear eyeliner. Pencil & powdered liners are best. It is best of avoid gel eyeliner and waterproof liner because it tends to harden in the lashes and is hard to remove.


Q. What if my natural eyelashes are straight?
A. These lashes have a curl to them so your own lashes will take on the shape of the false lashes. Even if they are straight they will appear curled. If you have amazing lashes on your own and want the extensions for the sole purpose of curling your lashes a lash perm may be a better option for you.

Not provided by Bella Mua.


Q. How often do you have to come get Touch ups?
A. There is really no set time. Each person can be very different. Some people come in every 2 weeks and other might come in every 6 weeks. There is no way I can tell you exactly. 



Q. Why don't my lashes look like my friends lashes?
A. Each Eye is shaped differently and creates different looks on the face. You will never look exactly like your friend. Some peoples lashes will just look better than others.




Q. Are there different Thicknesses?
A. Yes, The thickness of the lashes are .15, .20 or .25.  We don't ever use .25, they are just too thick and heavy for a natural lash, in my opinion.  We use .15 on most unless we feel your lashes are strong enough to handle the .20. Volume lashes come in .07  and are much lighter and thinner than the classic lash extensions which, in turn, cause less damage.


Q. I am not sure if I want them, what do you think?
A. We will not do your lashes if you are unsure. We want people that are ready and excited to do the lashes. This is  something near your eye that does take some getting used to. If you are hesitant I suggest you take your time and make sure you are ready. 


Q.  Does getting the lashes done hurt?
A. It is generally pain free. There are exceptions. The glue has fumes and can make your eyes water and sting a little. 


Q. What if I decided I want them off?
A. Get them taken off professionally. We have a solution that breaks down the glue so they just slide right off. Keep in mind, you are used to having long thick lashes so don't be surprised if you think your lashes look short and thin after removal. 


Q. Will I like them?
A. About 90% of people see them as a life changing experience and love looking glamorous at all hours of the day and night. If you pick at your lashes are treat them poorly you might find they are not for you.


Q. How do I get My makeup off?
A. Use any oil free makeup remover. If you are worried about damaging your lashes remove makeup with a Q-tip around the lash line.


Q. Are there different colors?
A. We only use black. The whole point of lashes is for them to look thicker and darker than your natural lashes. Go big or Go home :) If you want a less dramatic look you can use the thinner lashes or shorter lashes.  We do have Colored lashes available to give a little extra Flare (Blue, green, red, etc. must call ahead of time for appointment.) 


Q. What are Volume Lashes?
A. Volume lashes are new to the US and Bella. These lashes are ultra light which gives you the ability to adhere more than one volume lash per one of your natural lashes. The weight of 6 volume lashes are equivalent to 1 of the Classic .20 lashes. You can use 2-6 volume lashes per one of your natural lashes. The main selling point on the volume lashes is: They don't damage your lashes! They really do keep your own lashes looking at their best while having them on.


Q. What if i want light weight lashes but I don't what a lot of "VOLUME"?

A. Volume lashes are not always more "fake" looking. Because you can customize the amount of lashes per natural lash while also controlling the length you can use volume lashes to make your lash extensions look more natural.


Q. I am concerned with the cost of the the volume lashes. Why are they more expensive?
A. The appointment time is a longer duration and the skill set to do volume lashes is much higher than those doing classic lashes. It is a very tedious process and only the best of the best are strong and doing Volume lashes. When bargain shopping in the beauty world you have to remember you get what you pay for. We always suggest that those new to lash extensions try the classic lashes before doing volume lashes in order to appreciate them, make sure they even like lashes and don't feel like they are spending too much money. We always want clients to know that there are less expensive options for lashes.

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